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    • Cocktails

    • Aperol Spritz (Patio Menu)

      Aperol Spritz (Patio Menu)


      Aperol, Hungaria Brut, Soda, Orange - 3oz

    • Moscow Mule (Patio Menu)

      Moscow Mule (Patio Menu)


      Vodka, ginger beer, lime, mint - 1.5oz

    • Hungarian Sangria (Patio Menu)

      Hungarian Sangria (Patio Menu)


      Bulls Blood, palinka, golden pear, sprite, seasonal fruit – 5.5oz

    • Red Wine

    • Budapest - Cabernet

      Budapest - Cabernet

      $15 - 500ml
      $27 - 750ml

      Ruby red in colour with intense aromas of red cherries. This is a smooth and seductive wine with a soft and juicy finish. (12.5% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Budapest - Baco Noir

      Budapest - Baco Noir

      $15 - 500ml
      $27 - 750ml

      Deep Purple-red in colour. Intense rich, ripe blackberries and blackcurrants on the nose with smoky, meaty aromas. Bright, fresh raspberry flavours on the palate, with medium acidity and noticeable but soft, spicy tannins on the finish. (12.5% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Chapel Hill - Szekszárdi Kékfrankos

      Chapel Hill - Szekszárdi Kékfrankos


      Clear deep ruby colour; subtle aromas of cherry, soft floral and spice; dry and medium bodied, aromas repeat on the palate, light cherry, spice and soft floral; short finish. (12% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Budapest - Cabernet Merlot

      Budapest - Cabernet Merlot


      Deep purple-red in colour. Smooth and rich, this enticing red resounds with the presence of cassis, wild cherry and spices. Structured tannins enhance the flavours as well as provide a smooth lingering finish. (12.5% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Bulls Blood - Merlot-Kékfrankos

      Bulls Blood - Merlot-Kékfrankos


      Clear ruby red colour; cherry and spice aromas; light sour cherry flavour. (12% alc./vol. - 1000mL)

    • Megalomaniac - Pompous Reserve

      Megalomaniac - Pompous Reserve


      Ripe, medium-bodied, elegant, balanced and well-priced. Made from a great blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. (13% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • White Wine

    • Pelee Island - Sauvignon Blanc

      Pelee Island - Sauvignon Blanc


      The pale lemon colour contains bright aromas of fresh green apples and citrus with tropical nuances. Light-bodied and dry on the palate with vibrant lemon acidity that adds balance and a clean finish. (12.5% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Budapest - Sauvignon Blanc

      $15 - 500ml
    • Dunavar - Muscat Ottonel

      Dunavar - Muscat Ottonel


      Very pale lemon green and bright in clarity with small tears. Clean with light intensity of melons and minerality. Roses and light white pepper spice predominate the aroma with some grassiness. (12.5% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Dunavar - Pinot Grigio

      Dunavar - Pinot Grigio


      Pale lemon colour; moderate aromas of apples and citrus; extra dry and medium bodied; flavours of lime, apple, tree fruit and citrus; medium finish. (12.5% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Chapel Hill - Debroi Harslevelu

      Chapel Hill - Debroi Harslevelu


      Golden straw colour; spicy, citrus, grapy, floral nose with a hint of mint; barely off-dry, with juicy grapy flavours, crisp and refreshing with citrus and apricot fruit notes. (12% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Barone Montalto Italia - Pinot Grigio

      Barone Montalto Italia - Pinot Grigio


      pale straw with green highlights; light floral, pear, apple and lemon aromas; dry, medium/light body; round fruit flavour and clean citrus finish. (12% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Sparkling and Rose Wines

    • Hungaria - Grande Cuvée Brut

      Hungaria - Grande Cuvée Brut


      A high quality drink that pours a straw yellow with a fine persistent mousse. The nose is floral and perfumed with elegant aromas of melon, apple and citrus with nutty tones. Palate is off-dry, crisp, with a creamy mousse. (11% alc/vol. - 750ml)

    • Leaning Post - Rosé

      Leaning Post - Rosé


      Nose of wild strawberries, crabapple, mandarin, and a slight whiff of forest floor adds complexity. On the palate lots of fruit, but balanced with savoury notes: strawberry, cranberry, rhubarb, candied orange peel and even a hint of green olive. (12.5% alc./vol. - 750ml)

    • Tokaji - Szamorodni Édes (Sweet)

      Tokaji - Szamorodni Édes (Sweet)


      Deep lemon yellow in colour with a subdued nose of white plum and golden raisin; the palate is medium-sweet and bodied with medium acidity and flavours of baked apple and raisin followed by an enduring preserved peach-like finish. (11% alc./vol. - 500ml)

    • Beer


    • Domestic Bottled Beer


      Budweiser (5% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Bud Light (4% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Coors Light (4% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Molson Canadian (5% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Labatt Blue (5% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Blue Light (4% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Miller Light (4% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Alexander Keiths (5% alc./vol. - 341ml)

    • Premium Bottled Beer


      Rolling Rock (4.5% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Mill St. Organic (4.2% alc./vol. - 341ml)

      Stella Artois (5% alc./vol. - 330ml)

      Heineken (5% alc./vol. - 330ml)

      Corona (4.6% alc./vol. - 330ml)

      Smoking Cannon Stout (5% alc./vol. - 341ml)

    • Other Drinks

    • Soft Drink


      Coca-cola, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water

    • Coffee


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